Identity V


Outlive being hunted down by a serial killer



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Identity V is a cooperative online game where your mission is to survive the attacks of a crazed serial killer on the hunt to gun down everyone on your team. This time, you'll take on the life of one of many survivors -- each with their own set of special skills -- and you'll also get to play as the psychotic killer himself, aiming to avoid getting caught.

The meat and bones of this game is mostly short 4-on-1 matches where each character has a series of special skills. Survivors have to activate several control points scattered around each scene before they're able to open up an escape portal. Meanwhile the assassin is on the hunt to capture and murder them. If a player is caught twice, it's game over.

As you unlock different skills and achievements, your character levels up in abilities and learns new ones. Plus, this game has a thick story arch that runs parallel to your playing; whereby a detective actively investigates the disappearance of a whole family under very suspicious and unusual circumstances.

Identity V is heavily, heavily inspired by Dead by Daylight. Only, in Identity V you'll find the whole game takes place in a cartoony, gothic-inspired realm that could easily pass off as a Tim Burton production.
By Erika Okumura
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